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Brighten Your Decor With Hand-painted Ceramic Tile

24At one time, ceramic art tile was only for the wealthy.  No more.  Today, for the same price as you will pay for manufactured cast resin, imitation marble or other polymer, you can have  one-of-a-kind hand painted ceramic art tiles, made by an American artist who is willing to work with YOUR ideas and concepts.

Suppose you love plants and flowers, but the wall over your sink in the kitchen has no window?  Tell the artist your favorites, she will paint your favorite ferns or perennials, in a basket or within its own little garden on art tile.

What if you moved south and miss your paper birch trees so badly?  A mural over your bathroom sink of these gorgeous white and black trees, with or without surrounding fall
foliage, will guarantee a lifetime of the perfect view.

No wall space for a mural?  How about ceramic accent tiles placed every foot or so of your favorite cooking herbs in an 1800’s style, right out of the Farmer’s Almanac?  Or an easy-to-clean backsplash behind the kitchen sink of fruits connected by flowering vines all in a lively color scheme?

The best part about tile is you only have to do it once.  You choose timeless and tireless motifs and place them where you need something durable.  Side-by-side with gold,
ceramic is the most durable substance we know.  What else has told us the history of human culture as accurately?  Nothing the manufacturers have come up with can surpass
ceramic tile for lasting beauty.  Nothing.

Working with an artist as opposed to a factory has many benefits.  The artist has sentimental  memories too, and usually does the work she does for other reasons than moving
out volumes of product for profit, so she is more than happy to fill your space with warm homey decoration.

We all have a favorite old pattern or print, maybe Grandma’s stitching or an old tapestry.  Everything eventually wears out and must be discarded.  Except ceramic.  Have it painted on tile and installed  for all time.

Framed paintings do not do well in steamy bathrooms or near greasy cookstoves, gathering dust and needing cleaning way too often.  A tapestry or rug painted on tile will hang beautifully inlaid into any wall.  In the hall where people always bump paintings is a great idea.  Stair risers that always get scuffed up can be painted in a myriad of design motifs, like southwestern, Mayan or Aztec, any colorful design, and fill a dull stairway with brilliant

Do you work too many hours to have pets?  A brilliant parrot on the wall in the corner of your livingroom, gleaming feathers shining, will welcome you home, making no noise and quietly demanding no food or attention!  No other art medium can imitate the iridescence and brilliance of bird feathers like ceramic glaze.  A skilled hand-painter can imitate textures and colored objects from all around the world.  Mayan stone carvings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, even cave art paintings all look so real in ceramic.

Solid blocks of color in modern graphic shapes is the other end of the design spectrum.  Color makes a very powerful statement, as we all know.

Please do not feel compelled to use what the remodelling stores offer, the dull and unimaginative and very plain tiles they sell in volume.  Email a hand-painter
and she will help you come up with the only one in the world, a unique piece of fine art that is yours alone.

Timeless and elegant decor is only a few weeks away.

Waterproof Bathroom Wall Options

23Water proofing bathroom walls is important. If the walls are not water proofed, you could end up having a problem that is costly to take care of and harmful to your health. The list of problems includes mold, leaks, water damage, and more.

There are a few options when shopping around for new bathroom walls that are waterproof. Things to consider will not only include price, but also the material, color, shape, pattern, and installation process.

1. Single-sheet Plastic

This is often the cheapest option and one a lot of people use. You can buy single-sheet plastic for your bathroom walls in a variety of colors and styles. They come in a range of prices and can be purchased to suit almost any bathroom need.

2. Tile

Tiles come in numerous materials including marble, slate, ceramic, porcelain, and more. Tile is a common option as it looks more elegant and in some cases seems more expensive. A fully-tiled wall will make a statement without being too expensive. Tiles can be purchased in numerous shapes and design to add a unique look to the bathroom. Marble stone and granite are usually the preferred tile option.

Additionally, a lot of stores make it easy for you to install tiles yourself. This is because they already come in pattern-ready sheets that fit together like a jigsaw rather than working one piece at a time. To ensure quality installation, employ skilled tilers Sydney.

The bathroom can become lively with the right tile addition

3. Acrylic

These are the most common waterproof bathroom walls. Acrylic bathroom walls can be bought to encompass the entire bathroom surface. These walls come in a wide range of prices, shapes, and styles. A lot of single-sheet plastic walls are also made from acrylic, but you can get full pieces as well that are easy to install yourself.

3 piece acrylic walls are usually standard. What is wonderful about these is that they happen to be super easy to install yourself and also feature built in shelves.

4. Laminate

Laminate is another type of bathroom wall. It can be purchased as a single-sheet or as tiles. Laminate walls can either a beautiful high-gloss, glass-like finish or a more traditional look depending on your tastes. Laminate is a great option to match waterproof bathroom walls to the feel and character of your house.

Laminate walls happen to be really lightweight and easy to install. They are durable and tend to last for years. The color variety and patterns will definitely pique your interest for those who want some variety to spice their lives.


Remodel your blue bathroom

22I would suggest to start from colors. In this post we’ll discuss the remodeling blue bathroom for cheap.

Choose the color to combine the blue color.

Big blue bathroom with white curtains

Several ideas for decorating your blue bathroom:

A. Add white Color

Blue bathroom with the white combination will create the relaxing and calm atmosphere.

White color is the easiest way to give new life for the room.

Bathroom accessories of white and black colors are classics and easy to find even on sales and cheaply.

B. Silver color in blue bathroom

This color is very similar to white color in the sense of creating the spa atmosphere.

You can easily combine blue, silver and white colors.

Just buy new bath towels, accessories, mats, shower curtains, etc.

Blue bathroom combined with white color

C. Plus Red color

Blue and red bath is the great play between water and fire.

Feng shui specialist won’t really advise to combine these colors, but you can try if you like.

D. And Black color

Black and blue bathroom look gorgeous.

But you need to me attentive and balance these two deep colors with white or green.

Modern Blue Bathroom and red detail

E. Green and blue bathroom

I guess it’s the best choice to make the bathroom in the beach style.

You can easily decorate the bath with the stones, sand, green mats, like the grass.

The photo of the vacation at the sea or ocean will give the perfect look to your stylish bathroom.

What bath items can you easily change?

I divided the items on 4 groups.

It’s better to buy sets according to these types.

It is not very easy for some small cities to find a perfect color combination.

For example, it would be difficult to combine the mat and the shower curtain, ot the curtain and basic bath accessories.

Bathroom decorated in natural colors

A. Bathrooms accessories: toothbrush holders + soap dish/dispanser + tumbler

You’ve chosen the colors for the combination with your blur bathroom before.

So now you should choose the bath accessories of that color.

I liked the idea E, so I will buy green toothbrush holders and soap dispansers.

Or if I find grey bath set of the round shape as the stones then I will definitely prefer stones.

B. Mats/Rugs + Towels

You can buy the mat and towels of the same color and similar texture.

For my blue bath I will add green mat as the grass and towels of dark blue color or the same green.

C. The waster bin + toiletbrush

These bath items shouldn’t be the same as the bathroom accessories in the step A.

It won’t look good, when your toothbrush holder and the toilet brush are of one color.

But it’s my personal opinion. I would rather separate in style these bath decorations.

D. Photos and art

Add your vacation photos to the new bathroom.

E. Candles

Do you like romantic atmosphere?

Add the candles.

Big blue bathroom with white curtains

F. Unique shower curtain

The last thing and the most interesting is the shower or bath curtain.

The curtain is the brightest spot in your bathroom decoration.

What color of the curtain would you like to have?

I would suggest to have three colors in your bathroom: blue + two more.

In my example I’ve chosen grey and green.

I would choose the grey curtain to combine will smal bathroom accessories.

Now you have basic ideas of the bathroom remodeling.

Start changing your life today.

Bathroom Hardware Checklist

21If you have decided to make improvements to your current property, one important area which needs special attention is your bathroom. According to most realtors, kitchen and bathroom are the two areas that catch the attention of the home buyers the most.

Even if you have no plans to sell your house, you can still make your bathroom attractive to win loads of compliments from your friends and guests. Besides, it is the place where you get a chance to relax your senses. So, it deserves special treatment.

You can use bathroom accessories to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Of many types of bathroom accessories available in the market, bathroom shelves are a must for every bathroom. Bathroom shelves are not only items of great utility, but also have aesthetic value. They can be used to store cosmetics, hold appliances and stack towels. Bathroom shelves are simply perfect for providing upright storage in a small bathroom with limited floor space.

If you have installed a shower vanity in your bathroom, shower shelves is what you need to hold essential cosmetic items without making the place look crowded.

Although shower shelves are available in different materials ranging from wood, metal to plastic, glass shelves could be an ideal choice to make your bathroom look less crowded and larger. In addition, glass shelves come at a reasonable price and also can be installed easily. Besides, glass shelves are also popular for being naturally corrosion resistant.

The choice of tempered glass shower shelves will depend upon your storage needs and the weight bearing capacity of the shelves. It is always advisable to go for glass shelves with more weight bearing capacity for the simple reason that you may not know what all things you need to store on the shelves. The capacity of a glass shelf to bear load is determined by its thickness and the method of installation. Some manufacturers also offer tempered glass shelves these are made hard especially by heat treatment. These shelves can be chosen if you want your bathroom shelves to bear greater load.

Tempered glass shelves come with 2 side bullnose finish polished edge and two brackets. These shelves can be installed in just a few seconds using the tracking style. In this type of installation, you need to screw long metal vertical stripes on studs down the wall, insert metal brackets (wood brackets are also available) at the desired heights and then lay your glass shelf across the brackets. You can also easily the change the height of the shelves along the strip to accommodate taller items, if required in future. Although two parallel metal strips are used in this type of installation, a third strip may be needed for additional support if you have chosen a heavy glass shelf. Also, it is important to note that if you cannot find a stud for all brackets, you may use a molly screw for the central bracket. While choosing glass shelves for your bathroom, do not forget to check maximum recommended weight they can bear.

Tempered glass shelves can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. This is because they are available in many colors brass, brushed nickel, satin chrome, and chrome. When it comes to shapes available in tempered glass shelves, you may go for the popular quarter round or triangle shaped shelves. So, you may choose a color and a shape that best complements the overall decor of your bathroom.

Small triangular glass shelves offers a great place to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and many such items to give your bathroom a less cluttered look.

Bathroom Hardware Checklist

20A well-functioning bathroom is crucial whether you are a bachelor living on his own or a busy mom maintaining an active home. Fortunately, this is not an insurmountable task. In fact, with a few quick switches, you can have your bathroom running smoothly in no time. You like the idea, but then come the questions, quickly followed by the doubts. What do I need for a well-functioning bathroom? What kind of hardware should I use for my bathroom cabinets? If my bathroom is tiny, can I still maintain order? These are common enough questions regardless of which category you fall under. If you’re not sure where to start, use this bathroom hardware checklist. You don’t have to tackle each area all at once. Take it slow, but remember that once this list is completed, your morning, evening and all-day routines will never be the same (for the better, of course).


– Bathroom cabinet hardware: You can use this catalyst to create a fabulous color scheme or personalized design theme. Begin with a certain style, color or finish for your cabinet hardware and keep the theme going throughout the rest of the bathroom hardware and accessories. Whether or not you are into stylizing your home, the most important thing to remember about bathroom hardware is that waterproof resistance is not an option it’s a prerequisite. That is, unless you like replacing your knobs, hooks etc. every few months.

– Shower caddies: A shower caddy is useful beyond belief; it’s the backbone of shower sanity. Use shower caddies to keep things organized and out of the way whether you are showering, bathing the kids or enjoying a relaxing bubble bath after hours. Use a single shelf for just a couple of bottles of soap and shampoos or multi-tiered shower caddies for the cornucopia of bathing products that comes along with multiple shower users. Remember to continue your color scheme with this piece of bathroom hardware.

– Shower curtain/rod/hooks: Another way to introduce decor into your bathroom, shower curtains and their accessories are an easy way to make a big statement. Choose wild prints with whimsical shower curtain hooks or opt for more subtle colors and an elegant shower curtain rod; whichever will express your personalitymore.

– Medicine chest/glass shelves: From the largest suite to the tiniest hallway unit, every bathroom needs storage space. Medicine chests or simple glass shelves are the perfect places to keep everything from bars of soap to those little extras such as hair accessories, makeup, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers etc. Of course, a full vanity will offer more space and organizational options, but these will cost a lot more and take up much more space. You have to know your budget both financially and spatially before making such purchases.

– Grab bars: Safety and style in one, grab bars are not just for grannies. While invaluable for senior citizens who have a harder time getting in and out of the shower/bath, grab bars are useful for everyone from young children to pregnant women and even full grown men who just want something to sturdy themselves in a slippery situation. Many people also install grab bars outside of the shower, near the sink and toilet.

– Towel bar/rack/ring: Every bathroom should have at least one towel for drying hands. Towel bars, towel racks and towel rings are useful for keeping decorative towels, hand towels and bath towels handy. These are available in a wide variety, so you can really tailor this bathroom hardware to fit your taste. – Hooks: Towel hooks and robe hooks are great for any number of items from towels and robes to a change of clothing, pajamas or a laundry bag. As with other towel accommodations, towel hooks are available in an array of styles, and you can, once again, continue your color scheme with the finish of choice.

– Bathroom mirrors: With all the functions that an average bathroom plays, bathroom mirrors are also fundamental items. Whether you are applying makeup for a hot date, getting in a quick shave in the morning or checking to make sure your shirt isn’t on crooked, bathroom mirrors can help you out many, many times a day.

– Toilet paper holder & spare roll: While not the most glamorous task for this room, toilet paper usage is essential. Toilet paper holders are actually more of a science than you would believe. After all, ask anyone who has been too far from the roll, and they will tell you the importance of a well-situated toilet paper holder. Keep spare rolls handy with a spare roll holder as well.

– Bathroom Accessories: Finally, stock up on all your bathroom accessories. This is a broad category that includes soap dishes, soap dispensers, tumblers, toothbrush holders, garbage cans, toilet brush holders and more. Which ones you get will depend on your bathroom, your needs and your budget. Think about your average day and where there is room for improvement. Bathroom accessories are meant to make your life easier, so this is where you would implement the accessories of choice.

Of course, you’ll want to get bathroom hardware from quality names like Smedbo and Elite Home Fashions. Smedbo has fantastic cabinet hardware that you can rely on and Elite Home Fashions has some fun and funky accessories. Once again, take this bathroom renovation slowly, and you will not get overwhelmed by the changes being made. What you will begin to notice, though, is how much easier, nicer and more functional your bathroom has become during the process. So which bathroom hardware change will you tackle today?