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Remodeling your Bathroom

In small living areas the bathrooms are unfortunately often squeezed into a dark corner, but this is no excuse for a lack of style.

When planning your small bathroom remodeling think outside the box and look for brilliant space saving ideas. Small bathrooms can be designed to appear larger with careful planning, clever use of colour and minimising on clutter.

Smaller bathrooms are best kept clean and simple. In other words, opt for a minimalist style. This implies concentrating on important spaces and utilizing it practically in order to create a clutter free bathroom and selecting functional, compact bathroom furniture with strong clean lines. Fittings that are too ornate are unpractical and will only add to the clutter.

Only fit the essential. A compact bathroom with lots of accessories is likely to appear even smaller. For storage space, fix metal baskets or open shelves to your walls. This creates a “lighter” look than bulky cupboards and eliminates open cupboard doors taking up space. These can also take up unused areas higher up on walls and in corners.

As mentioned in my previous article, one should choose lighter paint colours such as white, off-white and cream, and tones that will compliment each other. This allows smaller spaces to feel less cramped and more open.

Another really good tip is using large, unframed bathroom mirrors, giving the sense of more open space. If opting for a framed mirror, use light colours on the frame that will blend in with the surrounding wall space.

Wall-mounted basins and toilets are better suited to compact bath rooms. With no foot piece, these take up less floor space. Regarding shape; oval or rectangular basins are less obtrusive and often more suitable for small bathrooms.A variety of bathtubs, showers, vanities and basins are designed specifically for small bathrooms. Go to your local sanitary ware supplier and look at a few examples.

Most compact bathrooms have shower cubicles nowadays. Unfortunately, more often than not they are fitted with a tripple slider that sticks and climbs off the rail. Frameless shower doors give a sense of more space and can change the look of any bathroom.

If the budget allows, opt for a WC with a concealed cistern. This means your toilet’s water tank is built into the wall and the only part visible is the bowl. This is generally more expensive, but often more water wise and a great space saving method.

As mentioned in my previous article, proper ventilation is crucial for any bathroom or cloak room. It has become common practice, especially in group housing developments and apartments to have internal bathrooms with no windows. This creates a number of hurdles, ranging from unfriendly smells to constant dampness and mould.

This can be counteracted with the use of a professionally installed extractor fan and fresh air supply. Should you have an enclosed shower cubicle, the extractor should preferably be in the ceiling over this area. In order to make up the extracted air, either make use of a fresh air supply system or you can undercut the door to create a draft.

Have your extractor on a delay switch or timer. This way it keeps extracting fumes a minute or so after you’ve switched off the light.

The following plans indicate suggested space requirements for different sanitary fittings:

Bathroom 1:

  • Showers with corner entry creates a little more space in front of the cubicle, allowing for better circulation.
  • Basins come in various shapes and sizes. The one indicated here is 460×460. There are smaller ones available, but bigger a WHB is more user friendly.
  • Overhead shelves are indicated at door head height (2,1m). This intigrates the shelf with the door frame ans is aesthetically more pleasing.

Bathroom 2

  • If really pressed for space, there are smaller baths available. In my opinion, the one indicated here is the smallest size for a bathtub still to be fairly comfortable.
  • Opt for a shallow, rectangular or oval basin. This allows for better movement and more space when using the basin. Ones where the taps are wall mounted or, as with the example used, to the side of the basin allows for a bigger, more practical bowl.

Bathroom 3

  • For those really small spaces
  • 900x900mm shower
  • Small rectangular basin as with Bathroom 2
  • Sliding door: Although not the best insulator of sound or smell, a sliding door serves well as a space saver. If space outside the bathroom allows – say in the case of an en-suite – a normal swing door can be fitted, opening out.

These floor plans are purely to indicate possible use of small spaces. Actual layouts will depend on your unique situation, requirements and bathroom size. Sizes are given in millimetres.

I once, while on holiday, showered in a 800×600 cubicle, I’ve also bathed in a 1400x600mm tub and coudn’t help but laugh at myself – point is; size depends on the space available, but do not try to squeeze too many fixtures into a too small area. It will not be as funny if I had to use that bath on a daily basis!

This concludes our three part bathroom remodeling column. If you have any further questions, please post your questions on my facebook page or go down to your local plumbing and sanitary supplier.

What Benefits Are In Fall Hot Tub Accessories?

28It’s time to put away the sandals and beach chairs and now’s the season to unpack the scarves, dust off the rake, and think about cool-weather hot tub accessories.

Getting your hot tub ready for the Fall months is easy. No special preparation is required for you to enjoy a warm, hydrotherapeutic massage in your backyard at a moment’s notice. But you can use these weeks before the really cold weather sets in to enhance your hot tub with spa accessories. These hot tub accessories will make your life much easier and enjoyable.

To make your hot tub even more energy-efficient, easy maintenance and enjoyable when the weather turns chilly, consider these 3 popular hot tub accessories for fall:

1.       A hot tub cover. Already have one? Take a good look at its condition. Hot tub covers are tough, but if your hot tub cover is starting to sag where rainwater pools on top of it, or if the vinyl is deteriorating from many years of hot sun and harsh weather, you should replace it. This is one of the hot tub accessories that contribute the most to energy efficiency by maintaining the water’s heat. The newest spas by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offer optional Sunbrella® all-weather hot tub covers. This hot tub accessory also holds in the heat more efficiently than vinyl covers and is highly durable.

2.       New hot tub filters or ozone filtration hot tub accessories. Be sure to replace your hot tub filters when necessary. Same goes for the ozone filtration accessories, if you are using ozone. Keeping your hot tub’s water clean with less effort makes your life easier and helps keep energy costs down during the colder months of the year.

3.       A spa caddy that attaches to the side of the spa is a relatively inexpensive hot tub accessory that is a true luxury feature. On a cold day, a steaming mug of hot chocolate is within reach from your spa caddy. It’s also a perfect place to set a towel, so it’s ready and waiting when you want to dry off. Get this spa accessory and you won’t be sorry.

For hot tub owners, fall accessories are not just fashion items found in department stores. Take a look at the hot tub accessories available for your hot tub this year. You will find a wide variety of hot tub accessories for all types of spas at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealers, and online.

Oceanic and Nautical Themed Bath and Bathroom Hardware

27One of the most popular themes in bathrooms today is an elegant nautical theme. Oceanic and nautical hardware can add subtle touches of detail to enhance your theme beyond shower curtains and towels and serve as a very creative touch.

Pewter bathroom cabinet knobs, pulls, robe hooks, towel bars, tissue holders and bathroom accessories are available in a variety of oceanic and nautical themes and can be a fun way to introduce new and unexpected designs into your bathroom or any room in house.

One of the great advantages of choosing a general theme like Oceanic/Nautical is the wide variety of choices available and the opportunity to use different shapes and patterns in the same room. Cute fish knobs on your cabinets can be accented perfectly with a shell pattern towel bar or tissue holder. Beautiful shell design knobs can be mixed and matched so that every cabinet has a different look but still ties itself together into a beautiful theme. Depending on the hardware chosen optional finishes can include Pewter Matte, Pewter Bright, Satin Pewter, Brushed Pewter, Matte Black, Bronze, Rubbed Bronze, Antique White, Antique Copper, Verdigris, Antique Brass Gold, Iron Red, Rust, Black Terra Cotta and Black Copper Wash.

When you decide to redecorate any room in your house with an oceanic or nautical theme you are sure to create a unique design that reflects your creative personality and personal interests. Pewter bathroom hardware gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of designs and work with your current bath hardware (such as faucets and showers) when selecting complementary finishes. There are a few simple steps to remember before replacing the hardware in any room however. First, remember that different manufacturers finishes can vary slightly so even if two items are ordered in the same finish they can appear slightly lighter or darker than each other. Second, if you are replacing existing hardware – measure carefully! Not all pulls and knobs are the same size so if you are using pre-existing holes (this is especially important in items that have a center to center measurement) know what size you need. Home decorating magazines can offer some great tips on how to further enhance your theme as well. Remember that different designs within the same theme will tie themselves together nicely.

This oceanic/nautical themed home hardware is available through LookInTheAttic & Company and they offer free design assistance and help. It is often the smallest touches that make complete a room and by using oceanic hardware you can be sure that your room will be beautiful transformed with a few small and elegant touches.

Two Hottest Cabin Decorating Trends for 2011

26There is no doubt that the two hottest trends this year have been money saving and completely charming rustic decorating accents in this down economy. These quick and very easy suggestions are inexpensive and add that rustic cabin charm in just minutes. These tips are so easy the only equipment you need is a screw driver. Our most popular rustic cabin decorating trends for 2011 are:

1.) Adding or replacing cabinet and drawer handles rather than replacing the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and bedroom dressers! The reason seems to be the beauty and charm of resin antler cabinet handles and their reasonable cost compaired to new cabinets and drawers. Resin antlers are durable and attractive. Antler cabinet handles add a very special touch to otherwise ordinary cabinetry. These quickly add every cabin owners dream of that unmistakable rustic look and feel.

2.) Wildlife switch plate covers and receptacle covers. These have been extremely popular for adding that instant, unique rustic touch to every room in your cabin or home. Whether you choose to do each room themed or the entire home in one theme the choices available are sure to please your tastes. Whether you prefer wild turkey, bass, bear, moose, deer or antlers these switch plates are perfect for a quick fix face-lift!

Before you go to the huge expense of replacing cabin kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedroom dressers and night stands try replacing the handles and knobs for a new, in-expensive alternative with Antler Cabin Handles and drawer pulls. There are severals sizes and shapes to choose from, some are the finer antler tips and spikes, some that are the antler “buds” from the base of an antler and some are the heavier chunks from the middle of an antler. All are made of resin for durability and uniformity. The quick fix face-lift for every room in the house can be as simple as replacing those switch plate covers with the forest animals you love. Whimsical bears for children’s rooms and bold antler switch plates for living rooms. Why not wild turkeys for a manly den, maybe fall leaves and moose as a wonderful accent for bedrooms and bath. There are so many choices to go with your decorating theme you are sure to find the perfect switch plate and receptacle covers to finish up your rustic decorating project perfectly. So for two hottest trends in inexpesive face-lift decorating are Antler Cabinet and Drawer Pulls and Wildlife Switch Plate and Receptacle covers at Log Cabin Fever Gifts & Decor.

Bathroom Gallery

25Pink Bathroom

I was always dreaming to have bright and girlish bathroom.

Pink bathroom design looks stylish and modern.

What can you do to have such a bath?

If currently you have the bathroom painted in one color – then it’s evern better.

Buy such items in pink color: flowers or vases, towels and carpet.

These small design remodeling will make your bathroom look better than ever!

Pink Bathroom Design

Calm Bathroom

Water drops os the main idea that is used to make such a light bathroom design.

What should you do to have similar fresh style?

Buy mirrors shaped as shown on the photo below, then you should also buy any bathroom accessories made of glass.

Glass is transparent and looks like water.

And lastly, decorate with white and blue colors: towels, flowers, lamps, etc.

Calm bathroom design in water style

Gorgeous Bathroom

How would you feel relaxing in this bathroom?

I personally like brighter colors but this dark blue bathroom looks gorgeous.

Business people that love to work and relax would like such bathroom design.

So,  if you want to have such bathroom, then it’s very easy to DIY.

You should have dark blue or green walls.

Decorate the bathroom with the mirror.

Add big plants and not just 1 or 2, but the more plants you would have – the better.

The bathroom with dark blue walls and mirrored bath

Light Bathroom

Sunny, positive and bright bathroom is for people who adore life and are very sensative.

Tip 1 – add a plant but with unique look.

Tip 2 – funny and not useful but very sunny item – the transparent vase with brigh stones or leaves.

You can even use such vase as a storage for small items that you use in the bath.

Bathroom designed for sunny people

Bamboo Bathroom

White color combines with natural colors – blue as a water and green as nature.

This is the simplest way to decorate the white room.

You just need to choose 2 natural colors and buy accessories for the bathroom with these colors.

Bathroom with bamboo and carpen with natural colors

Children Bathroom

I am impressed with the colors and decoration of this bathroom.

did you notice the the bathroom is in the floor?!

I love it!

Unique idea that is given in this photo is a paining.

You should have a photo or any art item to hang in the wall of your beautilful bathroom.

what else can you learn from this desing?

Right, Curtains.

Curtains in the bathroom add a sense of resting in the room, but not just cleaning your body.

Unique bathroom with the bath in the floor and curtains

Lavendar Bathroom

I can’t imagine who could design such a bathroom for the queen or a princess.

Don’t you think it’s gorgeous?

Color, accessories, flowers – all details in this design look harmonised.

Watch and learn. Good luck in designing!

The lavender bathroom designed for queens and princesses