Two Hottest Cabin Decorating Trends for 2011

26There is no doubt that the two hottest trends this year have been money saving and completely charming rustic decorating accents in this down economy. These quick and very easy suggestions are inexpensive and add that rustic cabin charm in just minutes. These tips are so easy the only equipment you need is a screw driver. Our most popular rustic cabin decorating trends for 2011 are:

1.) Adding or replacing cabinet and drawer handles rather than replacing the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and bedroom dressers! The reason seems to be the beauty and charm of resin antler cabinet handles and their reasonable cost compaired to new cabinets and drawers. Resin antlers are durable and attractive. Antler cabinet handles add a very special touch to otherwise ordinary cabinetry. These quickly add every cabin owners dream of that unmistakable rustic look and feel.

2.) Wildlife switch plate covers and receptacle covers. These have been extremely popular for adding that instant, unique rustic touch to every room in your cabin or home. Whether you choose to do each room themed or the entire home in one theme the choices available are sure to please your tastes. Whether you prefer wild turkey, bass, bear, moose, deer or antlers these switch plates are perfect for a quick fix face-lift!

Before you go to the huge expense of replacing cabin kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedroom dressers and night stands try replacing the handles and knobs for a new, in-expensive alternative with Antler Cabin Handles and drawer pulls. There are severals sizes and shapes to choose from, some are the finer antler tips and spikes, some that are the antler “buds” from the base of an antler and some are the heavier chunks from the middle of an antler. All are made of resin for durability and uniformity. The quick fix face-lift for every room in the house can be as simple as replacing those switch plate covers with the forest animals you love. Whimsical bears for children’s rooms and bold antler switch plates for living rooms. Why not wild turkeys for a manly den, maybe fall leaves and moose as a wonderful accent for bedrooms and bath. There are so many choices to go with your decorating theme you are sure to find the perfect switch plate and receptacle covers to finish up your rustic decorating project perfectly. So for two hottest trends in inexpesive face-lift decorating are Antler Cabinet and Drawer Pulls and Wildlife Switch Plate and Receptacle covers at Log Cabin Fever Gifts & Decor.

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