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Small Bathroom Decor

94Improving your small bathroom decor isn’t very difficult. After all, people expect certain things to already be in your bathroom. They expect to see a sink and commode. They expect to see a shower or tub. I mean, you have to have those things and you can’t move them, right?

So, what can you do to spruce up the look of your bathroom? Even if color coordination is not your thing, the possibilities are endless. Just put in a little time and effort. Here are three tips to help.

1. Get rid of clutter. Even if you have to have certain things in certain places, that doesn’t mean you have to clutter up the rest of the area with personal items. Make sure your bathroom has a clean look by stowing your toothpaste and toothbrush in the medicine cabinet or drawers. And please rinse the sink when you’re done. OK?

2. Add a towel bar. Do you have your towels draped over the shower curtain rod? That’s not good. If you don’t already have one, a towel bar is easy to install. It will allow you to hang your towels up out of the way. Or maybe you can buy a cheap set of decorator towels to really spruce up your bathroom’s appearance.

3. Add a small rug. The bath mats with the rubber backing are practical, but not very attractive. Get a small throw rug and keep it in place with the rubber mats you can buy at the grocery store.

Don’t worry too much about the color of the towels or rugs. Just look at something that’s already there, such as your shower curtain or even the walls. Just match that color. Your friends will think you’re a genius!

So, you can’t move your commode. You can’t move your shower. But you can move your behind and make some small changes that will impress your friends. And that’s why you’re looking for bathroom decorating tips, right?

Bathroom Decor

93Bathroom Flooring is an important element for a bathroom remodel. As one of the busiest rooms in the house, it has to stand up to its fair share of wear and tear. Not to mention, new flooring for your bathroom can take a large chunk of the remodeling budget. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Before you even head to your local home improvement center, know our option to pick the right one for your home and your lifestyle.

Vinyl Flooring is one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring. It is durable, water-resistant (important for the bathroom) and comfortable. Available in a variety of colors and styles – many simulating stone and tile – vinyl is one of the most affordable options at $1 – $7 per square foot when installed by a professional.

Tile Flooring is a wonderful way to add texture and shapes to a bathroom. Ceramic tiles are finished in glaze over clay and baked, while the color in porcelain runs through the clay. The advantage to porcelain is that it will not show scratches. The biggest problem with either of these types of tiles is slippage, so high-gloss finishes should not be used for bathroom flooring. To have tiles installed, expect to pay $3 – $20 per square foot.

Laminate flooring is fast becoming a popular option, especially for homeowners who want the look of wood, but not the problems. While laminate has many of the options people are looking for, like durability, ease of installation and cost, it is not immune for water damage. Drips and spills will have to be cleaned up right away to avoid falls. However, at an affordable $3 – $10 per square foot, installed, it is a great option for bathroom flooring.

With the right bathroom flooring can you create the bathroom of your dreams. There are just three of the options awaiting you. So… what are you waiting for?

Primary Bathroom Decor

Picture 13164

Let me tell you that it is a little known fact that the bathroom is the best place for privacy and often people wish to explore the options that bathroom mirrors provide. Bathroom mirror can always be a good thing to have in a bathroom, because it reflects a lot, it can also reflect a lot more if you just look closely. Regardless of what decor the person aims to have, it is important to note that options are always available to increase the perfect finish look of bathrooms by choosing attractive bathroom mirrors. It is one of the top bathroom decors that can be found anywhere. It has a lot of use and can be a really good in your bathroom needs. Bathroom mirror can always be something that you can always need in a home. Looking on what is important in your bathroom, you could always get a significant improvement with bathroom mirrors.

Essentially, the key element when finding a bathroom mirror is its function. In order for a good purchase to be made, you will need to ensure that you know what key elements you wish to explore in your bathroom, as always. You should remember that not all bathrooms are unsightly just because they have a function. You should keep in mind that your bathroom mirrors can enhance the overall look of your bathroom not only by their flawless look but also its various uses. You should always get the importance of your bathroom and get it into your advantage. When purchasing a bathroom mirror it is quite important to know that you should have a personal style in mind to aim for.

Elegance, style, design and practical use should always in a maximum when dealing with bathroom mirrors, it can get tough sometimes but to find what you really need you should be patient and open minded on the designs and styles that can be available for you to purchase. Some people would give you different looks and ideas to it, but let me be the one to give you the idea that bathroom mirror’s style can be as important as any purchase you would get for your home, in terms of décor and use.

Anime Bath

91Anime bath can mean a bathroom decorated with one or more anime bath characters from a whole range of character figures. Characters like the Flash or Batman or Superman for folks who like their anime bath characters from a farther back period. Current anime bath characters could include Trigun Vash or Wolfwood from the classic 1998 anime series.

Your bathroom décor can reflect just about any side of your personality, any of your “likes” such as anime bath accessories. Doing a search online for anime bath accessories using the name of your preferred character can result in some interesting results. For instance, I was able to find a set of Trigun Vash or Wolfwood bath towels. Now, what bathroom is complete without a set of these anime bath accessories?

Although one would probably think of children’s bathrooms first when thinking of an anime bath, there are a number of adults whose “Football Team” accessorized bathrooms would qualify as an anime bath. And how about “Wrestling Fan” anime bath or “NASCAR Fan” anime bath?

The range of characterizations that can be represented in your unique anime bath are endless. If you like a popular figure, either “real” or animated, you can probably find accessories in that figure’s image and this certainly qualifies you as having an anime-influenced bath.

Children’s bathrooms are probably more suited as anime baths. Their heros are probably of an animated variety, thus making the concept of children’s bathrooms more likely to be decorated and furnished as anime baths. If you are decorating a bathroom for a child, you will definitely score major points for creating anime baths in their favourite character’s image.

What a marvellous result – a happy child – with something so creative yet so simple as a present of an anime bath!

John Mann, “The Electric Mann”, has been involved in the residential construction industry for over 25 years. He’s worked as an Electrical Contractor and a General Contractor in Residential Remodeling and is an expert on Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Remodeling.

An Inexpensive Product to Enhance the Bathroom Decor

90Some of the most expensive items like bathtubs made of marble, lights made from Belgium glass etc are used to enhance the look and ambiance of the bathroom. However it is not possible for everyone to purchase such high priced items for the bathroom. Especially the current economic slowdown has forced many people to cut down on expenses on the furnishings of the home.

Toilet paper stand to the rescue

Before you can go ahead and decorate your bathroom in a small budget, you need to know some of the most important requirements of a great looking bathroom. The number one requirement of a bathroom that can impress the visitors is cleanliness. You may have the most expensive items but if the visitor can not locate required items easily, he is going to be disappointed. This is where the toilet paper stand scores big time. It allows you to keep the paper neatly and in an easily accessible place. The stand also helps you to make the maximum use of the available space in your bathroom.

How to get the maximum out of toilet paper stands

Any toilet stand, that you buy from the market, will fulfill the functional requirement of holding the paper. But careful planning and consideration is required to buy one that will enhance the aesthetic look of your restroom as well. The toilet stands come in several color and make. Plastic, wrought iron and chrome are some of the most common raw materials used to prepare paper stands. Buy one that will complete other items in your bathroom, especially the toilet and the toilet cabinet.

Finally use your imagination to the maximum while buying a toilet paper stand. Personally I use one with mickey mouse images on it. Make sure that the theme of your toilet paper stand matches that of your toilet and the toilet cabinet.