Decor Ideas For a First-Time Homeowner

16When you buy your first home, you are always looking for bathroom decor ideas. You don’t want your first home to look like it is your first home, but you also do not want to overdo it with the decorations and design ideas.

There are plenty of ways which you can create an interesting decor in your first home that will give you time to find your real personality and let it shine. As you start to develop your own characteristic look, you can implement a very basic design to your bathroom that will make it pleasant to look at and functional as well.

– Bathroom Sets

One of the first-time homeowner’s best friends is bathroom sets for things such as accessories, fixtures and storage elements. Sets of shelves scattered throughout the bathroom can help give you places to store things while also helping to add decoration to the room.

The reason that bathroom sets should be one of your primary bathroom decor ideas is the way in which sets help to make a room’s design look uniform. A matching set of shower curtains and window curtains in a bathroom will allow the room to look uniform and can tie together the various design elements into a single and cohesive look.

– Neutral Wall Colors

Neutral colors make a good first impression because they are not bold and neutral colors tend to go together very well. So when you start painting your first bathroom, you should stick with basic shades such as Earth tones or variations of neutral colors such as beige or brown. When you use these kinds of colors, it can make a first impression very pleasant for visitors. The lack of bright colors will make it easy to see all of the features in a new bathroom and help the rest of the decor elements to stand out.

Another option for neutral wall colors is to use lighter colors to utilize the natural light. This will not only make your bathroom seem brighter and larger, but it will also help you save money on your electric bill because you will not need to use artificial lighting as long as there is natural light in the room.

– Stay Basic

The temptation with new homeowners is to put as much decoration into their home as possible to make it more appealing to visitors. But when you do that, you tend to make the house look crowded and disorganized. By starting out with only the basic elements that you will need in your bathroom, you make it easier to take in your decor and avoid making the bathroom look cluttered and complicated.

If you stay with basic design elements, then you can start to build your bathroom decor over time. A dynamic design structure builds over time with ideas that seem to feed on each other. When you try to decorate your bathroom all at once, you are not giving your ideas a chance to grow and you are not leaving open room for your creativity.

A new home is an exciting event. As new homeowners start to put their internal decoration and design ideas together, they are tempted to execute a whole long list of bathroom decor ideas all at once. The best approach is to start out basic and let your ideas grow as your home flourishes.

Incorporating Dowels In Bathroom Decor

95Of all the available woodworking supplies, dowel is perhaps one of the most remarkable. In addition to being quite versatile, it is also equally economical. With this unique and beneficial combination comes the opportunity to craft home decorum or woodwork home improvements. The uses of dowel can be implemented in all areas within the home, even the bathroom. Here are some ideas for using dowel to improve your bathrooms.

Use a sturdy wooden dowel to hang a shower drape. Often the fabrics used for shower drapes are quite bulky and enhance the aesthetics of perhaps one of the typically more mundane rooms of a house. A shower drape adds beauty to a shower and the overall decor of a bathroom, while also providing additional privacy. The same concept is applicable to curtains or valances in the bathroom. Depending upon the weight of the fabric, a dowel can be used to add both beauty and privacy within the bathroom. With little more than the purchase of the necessary fabric, a dowel, and some mounting supplies, an improvement can be made quickly and relatively inexpensively.

Consider using wood dowels for storage as well. In a similar fashion, a free-standing towel storage rack can be made much like a quilt rack. If doing laundry is off by several days or is delayed, this nifty contraption provides a great way to allow wet, freshly used towels to dry, thereby avoiding a mildew mess.

Avoid the clutter that comes from using the back of a toilet as a means of storage. Use wood dowel to craft a small magazine, book, or newspaper rack. For bathrooms with limited space, consider adding the rack to the bottom of the towel storage rack. Such a contraption serves a dual function, saves already limited space, and allows the craftsman to explore many creative options that result in the finished item.

Again for bathrooms with limited space or for those whose storage or linen closets may be housed outside of the bathroom itself, consider a novice craft for storage by creating a toilet paper dispenser. A dowel can be used as a free-standing towel paper dispenser. Mount the dowel to a wooden base and place extra rolls of toilet paper one on top of the other on a nine to 12 inch piece of dowel. The crafter is able to determine the size best suited to his or her family’s needs and bathroom decor. Consider woodworking a back that is attached to the wooden base and runs vertically parallel to the dowel itself. The back can be ornate or simply carved, painted or stained.

Another simple means by which to provide some storage is by crafting an over- the-door hanger. Use wood dowel as pegs on which to hang bathrobes, pajamas, or a change of clothes. A pegged over-the-door hanger can also be made and used as an alternative for, or in addition to, a free-standing towel rack for hanging towels.

These are just a few simple ideas for using hardwood dowel to improve one’s bathroom decor or storage. However, so many more creative possibilities exist. Using dowel, your imagination, and your woodworking skills, great things can happen!

Adding Storage Cabinets Above The Toilet

15To make a washroom even more welcoming, bathroom furniture like over the toilet cabinets would be the perfect decor accent. The one single room that pretty much everyone visits at some point while in your home is, without a doubt, the bathroom. To make sure that your washroom is original and different from all others, all you need to do is accent it with the best pieces of decor and cabinets.

There is a wide variety of textures and colors when it comes to bathroom furniture. However, the wicker furniture is one of the most common and popular types of decoration available. Because of all the humidity that a washroom brings, wicker is hard to keep from mildewing. Although, there is the pvc variety which is mildew and rot resistant for all the people who really want to have the wicker furniture in their bathing room.

Shelves or cabinets for the room are also another very common and popular choice. The bathroom is a good place to store medicines and towels so you can basically always use some more storage. Though, finding the best washroom decor can be a struggle. At a retail store or even a thrift store you can easily find shelves and armoires, or the perfect piece of bathroom storage that goes over your toilet. An over the toilet shelf, cabinet or other space saver is the perfect way to get more storage space in your washroom.

There are tiny and special cabinets available for those who have a washroom that is quite small. For such a tight place the best bathroom furniture would be a small chest or shelf. A cupboard or armoire would be best for a large bathroom. A person can take advantage of a strategically placed small chair in the bathroom and it could come in handy. Bathroom decor can be softened and can add style, warmth, and color with any piece of bathroom furniture. For storage, any type of over the toilet storage shelves or cabinets are perfect since smaller washrooms might not have much space.

When redoing their home, washroom decor is practically the last thing any person would consider doing. Compared to most rooms in the house, the bathroom doesn’t need as much of the “decorative touch.” However, you can add a little something to your bathroom so that you have something to look at while you are in the bathroom. Also, your guests will appreciate a well designed and charming room.

When shopping for things to decorate your washroom, you must be careful with what materials you buy. If you buy the wrong material it could mildew etc. from the humidity. Although, with a perceptive eye you won’t have to hunt for long and you will find that perfect piece of furniture for you bathroom.

Suggestions For Bathroom Decor

14Bathroom decor is the overall look and feel of the space in the bathroom itself. A well-designed bathroom theme can help to develop ways to better utilize space, determine the right colors for the room and help finalize the bathroom’s layout.

When designing a bathroom, it never hurts to get some advice that will create a different perspective on the final outcome of the design. As part of the research process for a bathroom project, a homeowner should take a look at as many ideas as possible before determining which suggestions would best suit his project and his home.

– Wall Space

Utilizing wall space can be a great way to free up space in other parts of the bathroom, help to organize the bathroom and bring together various elements of the bathroom decor. One way to use wall space is to install small hooks and storage elements on the walls near the vanity as places to put toothbrushes, toothpaste and hang razors. This frees up space on the vanity and creates a cleaner look.

Decorated wall space can be utilized just as much as plain wall space. It would add a lot of interest to the design of a bathroom if the wall elements such as shelves and hooks all shared the same intricate design as the wallpaper or painted pattern on the wall behind those elements.

– Drawer and Closet Organization

Some elements of bathroom decor can be practical as well as attractive. A bathroom vanity drawer can be a place where items used on a daily basis are stored but in a very disorganized fashion. Installing vanity drawer dividers will allow a homeowner to keep important items separate and also more accessible in the mornings.

Linen closets can also have an organizational shelving system installed that will keep towels and washcloths separate, while offering a small area to hang towels. This can be helpful in smaller bathrooms where there is a linen closet but not a lot of room to hang towels to dry.

– Toiletry Caddies

Everyone that uses the bathroom develops their own routines that can sometimes involve moving the toothpaste or shaving cream around. To reduce confusion and assist people in their morning routines there can be a toiletry caddy hung on the back of the bathroom door. To help with the bathroom decor, the caddy can be the same color as the door or the walls. It can be something as functional as a terrycloth toiletry caddy that can be purchased from a catalog, or something more creative such as a cloth tool carrier that is converted into a toiletry caddy.

– Hangers in the Medicine Cabinet

The more that items in the bathroom can be organized, the easier it is for everyone to use the bathroom. Small metal or wooden hangers in the mounted in the medicine cabinet wall and door can help the bathroom’s decor by giving an organized look to the cabinet. Scissors, medical tape and other items can be hung where they are easily accessible as opposed to placed in a jumbled mess on the floor of the cabinet.

Bathroom decor is as much about functionality as it is about looks. The best ideas for decorating your bathroom are often the same ideas that help make your bathroom easier to use.

Ideas For Fantastic Bathroom Decor

13The bathroom is one of the most essential spaces in your home where you can take a hot shower and refresh yourself after a long day. A well-decorated bathroom not only looks good but will also make sure you have a soothing and luxurious bath. Having beautiful bathroom decor is sure to make your bathing experience a fantastic one. Here are some tips on decorating your bathroom.

Start the remodeling process by first deciding the layout of your entire bathroom. Put your design on paper and think about the colors of the tiles and the overall theme that you want. The color scheme that you choose makes a huge difference to the appearance of the bathroom, so choose a color that best describes your personal style. Whether you go for bold, contrasting colors, or subtle colors, you are bound to create an eye-catching bathroom design. Tiles are available in a variety of patterns and textures so choose carefully depending on the kind of look you want to accomplish.

Install fittings that are made of quality materials and also look stylish. If you like spending a good amount of time in the bathroom for a luxurious bath, choose a large hot tub. Huge bath tubs can add an element of style and charm to your bathroom decor and also give you ample space to rest and relax. Install jet-powered showers and or even consider a shower temple to enjoy a good bathing experience. For the lighting, you could add lights projecting different types of effects to create a visually appealing look in the bathroom.

Another bathroom essential is the bathroom towel. Bath towels keep you dry and can also act as decorative accessories, highlighting the color scheme and providing textural detail. Choosing perfect bath towels is about selecting from the various fabrics and colors on offer today. Consider the absorbency and the durability of the fabric before making a choice. You can opt for towels in solid colors or patterns depending on your personal style.